Some thoughts before I become befuddled…

So…many of you who know me know that I am going to have shoulder surgery tomorrow.  Years of abuse on the rugby field, in the gym, etc has left my left shoulder in a less than optimal state that requires some surgery. (

Personally, I think it was just jealous of my right shoulder which enjoyed this procedure back in 2008.  Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that this outpatient procedure will require a minimum of 6 weeks recovery time which will in all honesty…suck!  But, it should be good for this blog…and it should be interesting to see what sort of semi-lucid posts come out of me in the first few drug addled days after surgery.  🙂  I am thankful, however, that the injury is not more serious and that surgical technique has advanced to the point that this is an outpatient procedure rather than requiring a stay in the hospital…mostly because I look silly enough in regular clothes, much less a very attractive hospital gown.

So I found a surgeon who was highly recommended by a good friend of mine who is a nurse.  What is most interesting about this surgeon is not that he is young…which he is…or that he comes highly recommended by everyone who rated him on the web… which is nice… It is that, according to his biography, he went to college on a Rodeo Scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  So who better to get surgery from during Rodeo Season…just sayin.  🙂  Yeehaw!  Let’s git her done!  As long as I don’t wake up on my back with my arms and legs tied together!   I met with him and admonished him to take it easy on my artwork and he thought that he could probably avoid the more heavily tattooed areas…which makes me happy.  Unfortunately skin doesn’t repair as cleanly as some other surfaces and repainting is not always a viable option…

Anyway, I am going into tomorrow with a positive outlook and praying for a speedy recovery of full function with an absence of pain.  I also wanted to mention that I have been overwhelmed by the offers of support and help that I have received from my family and friends.  I love and appreciate you all and I feel blessed to have you in my life.

Anyway…let’s see what tomorrow brings…



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2 Responses to Some thoughts before I become befuddled…

  1. Egle says:

    There are rodeo scholarships?


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