Shoulder Surgery Complete…judging by this great big bandage anyway…

So I should probably keep this short and sweet since typing one-handed frankly….kinda sucks… but here is the story…

Got up at 0 Dark 30 this morning to go to the hospital for my shoulder surgery…

The only interesting thing about that is all the prep time surgery takes… Wait 30 minutes in the waiting room (only interrupted by all the forms to sign) …check….15 minutes for an explanation by my very friendly and informative nurse…check… 3 minutes sheepishly stripping off all clothing and donning the aforementioned, very attractive, but very drafty hospital gown…check…30 minutes watching all the other surgery patients amble in and go through the same procedure all the while getting a years supply of fluid through my new friend, Mr. IV…check… 30 minutes watching my surgery staff come in, one by one, read my chart, ask me what exactly happened to me when it was discovered that I was allergic to penicillin (I was 2, but have heard the story 1000 times and told it about that many) and me telling each one that I am not really allergic to vicodin, I just don’t do well with it…check…and some undetermined time having the surgical nurse tell me that the that Versed she was injecting into my IV would help to calm me before surgery….LIGHTS OUT!  That stuff is no joke…I have had it before and someone may as well have hit me with one of those tranquilizer darts with the red fringes that they use to bring rhinos down on Wild Kingdom….

Woke up several hours later to learn that the proposed 2 hour surgery in fact took 4 hours… Unfortunately my surgeon was assisting other customers (another surgery 🙂 ) so I am on hold awaiting an explanation…  Guess the damage was more extensive than first feared.  My brother may know as he was there when the doctor left surgery and wasn’t under the influence of knock out juice….but I have yet to interrogate him…

I don’t recall much about waking up…only that I had a brief moment where I made some requests…. What is humorous about this is not so much about what I asked for but how…and in what order…

Recovery Nurse:  “Can I get you anything?”

Me: “I only really 3 things right now…1) Something to eat, 2) Something to drink, and 3) Pants”

Let me just say that I am very thankful to my surgery staff for explaining everything in great detail prior to the surgery…especially my doctor who told me exactly where he would cut (tattoo free zones 🙂 and what he procedures he would be doing) and  my anesthesiologist who described the size of the needle he would be sticking into my neck  to ‘block’ my pain.  🙂  I informed him that I obviously wasn’t afraid of needles… AND I am a huge fan of his as I write this because my left side has yet to regain consciousness…

Stay tuned for our next episode and you hear Wil say….. “DAMN!  The block just wore off!”


ps….Did I mention that typing with one hand…sucks?  🙂


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