Things that make me shake my head…

Let me just say that there are a lot of them…far too many to list here, but I will ramble off a few of them to see if anyone can relate.  They generally fall into a few categories:

Bad Grammar, Lack of Effort, or Lack of Human Courtesy in general

Bad grammar is fairly inexcusable… I mean we are all drilled for years in school about how to speak and write properly.  Now granted, not everyone is particularly adept at this… and now that we have a culture who relies on spell checkers and other similar crutches, it has become a major problem in our society.  We blame our cellphones for typos and apologize in advance for the lack of effort we will make to fix them.  This is not acceptable.  My biggest pet peeve of the moment combines bad spelling and bad grammar.   There is really no excuse at misusing the terms ‘lose’ and ‘loose’.  They mean completely different things yet I see an average of two emails or postings online a week where they are used incorrectly.

Lack of Effort is just that really.  I was in line at the rodeo recently to order beverages.  The girl told us she would be right with us because she was counting money out of her drawer to make a deposit.   I watched her count out the money and write 3 numbers down on her piece of paper: 900, 150, and 200.   What was appalling is that she then got out her cellphone and took about a minute to add all of those numbers up using her calculator.  And…She did it twice to check her work!  Not surprisingly, she got 1250 both times.  Calculators are another crutch that we have used for too long and many people have lost the ability to do very simple addition… I can’t count the number of times I have been in a place like Starbucks, been charged something like $4.27 and then realized after handing the cashier a 5 dollar bill that I had .27 that I could probably stand to get rid of… Offering the .27 at that point causes ‘deer in the headlights’ confusion though and is rarely worth it…

Lack of Human Courtesy though is perhaps the most troubling…

– For those of you without ‘hands free’ cellphones… Is wrecking your car or endangering someone else worth that phone call that you always seem to be on when you are in the car?

– For those of you entering a building or better yet, an elevator.  Would you please let the people out first, before you smash your way in?

– For those of you who want to save time at the airport by packing everything you own into your carry-on-baggage and then are surprised when there is no way it will fit in the overhead…

– For those people who I open a door for or hold an open door for… If there is more than one of you, take the door from me because I am not interested in holding it for your entire family of 8.  I am not a doorman, though I may look like one 🙂

I am missing a lot…but you get the idea and can probably relate…  Perhaps I am just an idealist…or a curmudgeon… Probably both… 🙂




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