Tick Tock….Tick Tock…

Ah yes…the inexorable march of time.  As my personal odometer gets ready to mark the recording of another trip around the sun, I find myself thinking about all the ins and outs of aging.

I don’t feel my age (good thing)…I am told I don’t look my age (good thing) … I don’t think I really act my age (both good and bad I suppose).  I do know that it seems like it was just my birthday last year.  Each year they seem to come faster and faster… I am not entirely sure why that is… I think it is because I want them to take their time…

I know that my daughter (who is 8) can’t wait to get older.  All my attempts to share the immense wisdom that I have gained with my extreme age are lost on her :).  I tell her that she should enjoy being the age she is because one day she will wish she aged more slowly.  She only sees the advancement of her independence.  I see pre-teen and teenage years looming and frankly it scares the crap out of me.  I am pretty happy with the fact that she seems to think her dad is pretty cool right now.  I am sure as the hormones kick in and her friends become more important than her parents, she will forget (hopefully temporarily) that she is my little girl.   Until, of course, she needs to borrow the car… I do know that any boy who she decides she wants to date will be extremely aware that she is my little girl… Just sayin 🙂

All I do know is that age seems to make much less difference if you find yourself enjoying your life and you constantly put a goal in front of you to give you something to work towards and look forward to…  I like the concept of having a ‘bucket list’.  In my book, and I think I have said this before, ‘He/She who dies with the most life experience wins…’.  I don’t believe it is wealth that makes you rich.  I believe it is the love of your family and friends and the amount of different people/places/things that you have experienced that make you that way.  So here’s to crossing some stuff off of that bucket list in the coming year…


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