River contemplation

Public Service Announcement:  This blog entry is probably going to slip into some philosophical rant and be relatively devoid of mirth and hilarity.  So read on if you can handle that or wait for the next one if that is not your cup of tea…I will make a strong attempt to be Wilarious next time around 🙂


So with another trip around the sun coming to an end, I embarked on the weekend without much of a plan.  I had some plans that I was looking forward to, but as we all know, life has a way of stepping in and shaking our snowglobe.  All we can do at that point is wait for the snow to settle and plot our next snowball fight or at the very least, lay down and make snow angels.  So I rallied…and used the power of social media to gather some like-minded, festive people who were without prior obligations and we met at some local watering holes and toasted the start of my new year.  Many thanks to them and everyone who contacted me over the weekend to make me feel well looked after and cared about.  I am truly blessed to have them all in my life.  One can’t really say enough about friends and their ability to lift you up when you are down.  As humans, I believe we have a tendency to get bogged down in a situation or a time period.  We can be focused on something and lose sight of everything else.  It shocks us and we take a step back and reflect on how we got to where we are as well as puzzle out where we are headed.  We can allow turmoil to place us into a funk or we can regroup and carry on being ourselves.  Because let’s face it…it is something that each one of us is uniquely qualified for…

I did a bit of that today.  I embarked thoughtfully this morning, I opened up my awareness and started to get clues.  I believe these clues are abundant in our daily lives but we usually overlook them as we fall into our patterns.  Mine today were subtle.  They came in the form of the scripture chosen at church that seemed to speak directly to me about my actions of late and why they were important…the tear in the eye of the pastor as he passionately delivered his message…easy conversation and good times spent with a friend… music…a beautiful spring day…and contemplation while sitting at the edge of a river and watching life there happen.  It baffles me how I could have neglected to remember how effective this can be…  Watching the intricate simplicity of the river and the abundant lifeforms that make their home there, it struck me how complicated we, as people, make our own lives.  The garbage that we carry around with us, the bad feelings, the strife… If one looks at it simply it becomes fairly clear… We should embrace and celebrate those things or those people who compliment and bring value to our lives and avoid or discard those things or people who don’t.  If we are honest with ourselves, this isn’t as hard as it sounds.  There is a certain peace in simplicity.   We just have to realize it now and again.




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1 Response to River contemplation

  1. Very, very true. I have been doing a lot of reading in the area of Mindfulness lately, even contemplating tattooing a symbol where I can easily see it to constantly remind myself of the exact premise you talk about at the end. We worry so much about things that don’t matter… You are WAY ahead of the game, though, because you are very insightful and aren’t afraid to turn inward and be contemplative. So many people aren’t able to do that- what a shame.


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