Truck Nuts, Survivor, and the Pot Pie Principle

So I started wondering what to write in my next blog entry…and that caused just general wondering…which led to musing…which based on the tagline of the site seems appropriate….So here goes…

  • I have been encountering what I refer to as the Pot Pie Principle of late…  The Pot Pie Principle is simply this… In order to cook a pot pie, you have to cook it for what seems like hours…then, in order to eat it, you have to let it cool for another hour or risk major mouth damage.  It hardly seems worth it…I don’t have that kind of time or patience for that matter, especially when it comes to food.  Where would I encounter this you ask?  Starbucks.  Why?  Because I eat their breakfast sandwiches which they heat up in some sort of crazy oven before delivering it to me in a bag.  Since this is probably my first meal of the day and I am usually in danger of starving to death having fasted for 12 hours or so…I must then risk pot pie style injury or ignore my burned fingers and let the demon steam out of the sandwich to bring it down into acceptable temperature range.  I know that many of you are thinking that I could also leave it in the bag until it cooled…but again POT PIE PRINCIPLE…I don’t have that kind of time.  The only thing that would be worse is if I also ordered a hot drink to go with my hot sandwich… I may be crazy, but I prefer my beverages cold while consuming food.  Plus, why risk being burned twice in the same meal?
  • In case it isn’t clear from the last item, I tend to get grumpy when I am hungry.  This is the reason I have not tried out for the show Survivor.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be on it…but I am self-aware enough to realize that I might not be the easiest guy to get along with after about 2 days of not eating.  I have a feeling the rationale for voting me off would be something like this….Big, scary looking guy…would probably kick butt in challenges (except those involving balance 🙂 ), dangerous when he is hungry….we should probably vote him out before he eats somebody…’The tribe has spoken…’
  • Does anyone else have a Nemesis Car?  One particular make and model of car that always seems to have an idiot driving it so as to cause major road distress?  When I first moved to Texas, it was the ‘Big-Ass Truck’ but has been quickly replaced by the Toyota Prius.  Not sure why…Don’t have anything against the car really…Actually a fan of the hybrid concept for obvious reasons…But for some reason Prius (assuming the plural form is the same as the singular) are normally driven erratically and 10 miles below the speed limit by some douche texting on his phone makes me want to flip one over and see if it looks better upside down.
  • Speaking of idiots on the road…Truck nuts?…. Really?  enough said
  • Does anyone else think that bicyclists should stop bitching about not being respected on the roadways when they never seem to follow the rules themselves?  They don’t ride in the bike lanes or they insist upon riding two abreast in their silky little outfits like they are in some Tour de France race.   God knows there is probably a Prius out there gunning for them…:)

So how is that for random…Pot Pies to Starbucks to Survivor to Toyota Prius to Truck Nuts to Cyclists…. Funny, I never made it to Kevin Bacon…that is troubling.  Goodnight everybody.  Zzzzzzzz

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