Just a little rant on a random Wednesday…

So… I realized it has been awhile since I got off on a little bit of a rant, aired some pet peeves, or basically rambled on about things ‘I just don’t get’… So, here goes…

Grape Jelly.  Who eats this stuff?  Apparently not too many people, which is why it is usually the only jelly left standing in the baskets at breakfast restaurants, masquerading as the much more widely coveted Blackberry Jam.  And while we are on the subject about ridiculous jelly…Apple?  Really?  Orange Marmalade?  A sweet looking little gem that has just enough orange rind in it to make you make a face when you eat it.  Judging by the name this was created by the French…Enough said.  (When I raised the question of Grape Jelly at work the other day, I was quite matter-of-factly told by two of my co-workers that they love the stuff…Go figure)

Raisins.  In my opinion, the absolute best way to screw up a perfectly good cookie, or anything else for that matter.  Strangely, I don’t feel this way about craisins… I just object to their name.  Does the cranberry a disservice in my opinion.

Healthy Food.  Does it bother anyone else that it costs much much more to eat healthy food than it does to eat non-healthy food?  I understand the whole organic thing (How can I not, living just 75 miles from Austin?  :)) and I know that eating things grown without pesticides…blah blah…hormones….blah…free-range…yada yada yada is probably a better thing to do health-wise, but it shouldn’t cost exponentially more to do it.  I think it is a secret plot brought to you by the makers of CrossFit (see previous Kool-Aid rant if you have any doubt about my feelings about this stuff) to milk even more dollars out of the average person’s pocket.  ‘We are broke…but damned if we aren’t healthy!’

Smokers.  I have always loathed smoking, growing up in a household where everyone smoked but me.  My mother died last year of a stroke after successful lung cancer surgery.  There wasn’t a day that I spent in her presence that I didn’t try to convince her to quit or show my disdain for the habit.  I lived in California for many years and always cringed when I visited other states or countries without indoor smoking bans.  When I first moved to Texas, I avoided bars especially because smoking was still permitted (it is not, now).
Here are a few thoughts about smoking:

  • It ruins patio dining.  I understand that people have limited places where they can still smoke but it is not what I want to deal with when I have chosen to sit outside at a public establishment to enjoy ‘fresh air’.
  • Smoking in your car.  If you want to smoke in your car, feel free.  But don’t stick it out the window and share it with the rest of us because you don’t want to stink up your own car.  I think I am going to start carrying a spray bottle in my car, roll up to someone sharing their bad air, and calmly put out the fire.
  • Cigars are the worst.  The best way to prove that you are an inconsiderate douchebag is to flare up one of these flaming turds in even a semi-public place.  I realize their history and the fact that they are supposed to be sophisticated blah blah blah… (see aforementioned reference to douchebaggery)
  • Vapor or electronic cigarettes.  This is an improvement but it still irritates me.  People started bringing these to work and using them indoors.  Luckily, the powers that be put a stop to it.  But it still happens in public places all the time.  I have seen it in restaurants, bars, airplanes etc.  It still has a smell, depending on the ‘flavor’ and it still has chemicals in it, water vapor or not.

Smokers are very high and mighty when it comes to their ‘rights’ to their habit.  The way I figure it, if I did something that endangered someone else’s health, I would expect them to be ticked off about it and I shouldn’t have an attitude about it when they asked me to stop doing it around them.

‘Oh, you are worried that me punching you in the head is bad for your health?  Oh sorry, my mistake, it is a bad habit and I will stop doing it because you asked so nicely!’

Bathroom Habits.  People who talk on their cell phones in bathrooms.  Is there a reason for this that has escaped my attention?   Cellphones should come equipped with an ‘Indisposed’ button that you can press when faced with the inevitable call that comes to you when you are taking care of some pressing business.  Holding a conversation with someone in a public bathroom is….  Polite words escape me.  Let’s just say that whenever I hear this going on, that I flush the toilet at least three times as loudly as I can.  Maybe the person on the other end of the phone will be flattered that their call is so important as to interrupt bodily functions…. I also hope they realize that the chances that the person they are talking to actually washed their hands during or after the call are probably pretty slim.  Yeah… I’m right there with you… (grimace)

Anyway, I feel better now.  Now be sure to put some grape jelly on your organic, gluten-free, raisin toast that you paid entirely too much for… 😉


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2 Responses to Just a little rant on a random Wednesday…

  1. Drine says:

    Oh Wil! This made me laugh! Miss you buddy!


  2. Kai says:


    When I hear someone on the phone in the bathroom, then I make sure that I make as many noises as possible. That is a ridiculous habit of those guys.

    Also,bothers are these guys walking into the bathrooms starting a face to face conversation while going after their business. That sure feels like being back in the stoneage. Gross!

    This happened many times at many high tech companies, regardless the location.
    There is something seriously wrong with the engineering world.


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