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Just a little rant on a random Wednesday…

So… I realized it has been awhile since I got off on a little bit of a rant, aired some pet peeves, or basically rambled on about things ‘I just don’t get’… So, here goes… Grape Jelly.  Who eats this … Continue reading

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A trip down Memory Blvd…(It used to be Memory Lane, but that was years ago)

Have you ever had the opportunity to revisit places from your past?  What was the experience like?  Did the places live up to your memories of them?  Had they changed?  Was the visit a disappointment, or did it feel like … Continue reading

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Spare me the details…please!

So I was sitting in traffic today… What a shock!  Living in San Antonio, it is a fact of life.  The city is becoming more and more crowded and despite the work that they are doing on the roads (which … Continue reading

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Echoes from an unlikely place

A few weekends ago I spent a fantastic weekend in Fredricksburg, TX.  The weekend was an important one for me for many reasons, many of which I didn’t understand until the weekend was over.  Don’t get me wrong…I accomplished what … Continue reading

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The 2013 San Jose Budget Games

Recently I was asked by Luke Hohmann, CEO of The Innovation Games® Company to help out as a facilitator for the 2013 San Jose Budget Games.  For those of you unfamiliar with either the company or the event, let me … Continue reading

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Thoughts on self-help and seeing the forest for the trees

It strikes me that if I look back at some of the books I have read in the past 5 years they are all over the map…Mysteries, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Travel Journals, books on Spirituality, books on Thought, and even some … Continue reading

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Signs that I am getting older…I guess

I suppose we all feel our age from time to time… The feeling of indestructibility fades for a bit and we have to grudgingly admit that time is passing faster than we want it to.  I have had some fairly … Continue reading

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Political Pizzas

At last the election is over… Can’t say I am thrilled with the result…I am not a fan of the current administration.   Not sure I would have been thrilled if the result had gone the opposite way either though.  … Continue reading

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Hiatus over – Some thoughts on Expectations

So…it wasn’t an on-purpose hiatus…but I guess sometimes life intrudes and shakes up your mojo a little bit.  There have been about a dozen times in the last few months where I thought ‘Damn… I haven’t written a blog in … Continue reading

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Re-focus the focus…

This has been an especially rough week for our country.  The tragedy of what happened in Colorado has left the nation stunned.  It has reminded us again that evil exists in the world.  It has once again focused our thoughts … Continue reading

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