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Political Pizzas

At last the election is over… Can’t say I am thrilled with the result…I am not a fan of the current administration.   Not sure I would have been thrilled if the result had gone the opposite way either though.  … Continue reading

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Hiatus over – Some thoughts on Expectations

So…it wasn’t an on-purpose hiatus…but I guess sometimes life intrudes and shakes up your mojo a little bit.  There have been about a dozen times in the last few months where I thought ‘Damn… I haven’t written a blog in … Continue reading

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Re-focus the focus…

This has been an especially rough week for our country.  The tragedy of what happened in Colorado has left the nation stunned.  It has reminded us again that evil exists in the world.  It has once again focused our thoughts … Continue reading

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The high price of koolaid these days

So I think I have the whole Crossfit craze figured out… I think that somebody in the fitness game asked themselves… ‘How can I open up a gym with very little overhead…almost no equipment…basically just rented garage space…and get people … Continue reading

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So it strikes me that trying to come up with compelling content for a blog can be interesting and at times, difficult… Usually for me it is just based on things that I find profound or hilarious or absurd or … Continue reading

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Waiting for the superpowers to kick in…sort of

It was a fairly routine night… Put my daughter to bed.  Turn off the light in the turtle tank.  Go to bed myself.  Read for a bit.  Decide I am too sleepy to make any sense of the paragraph I … Continue reading

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The sorry state of mail…of all kinds

I have heard reports lately about the impending demise of the US Postal Service.  Seems they plan to close 250 postal centers across the country over the next few years.  This was inevitable, I suppose…but it still bums me out … Continue reading

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