Political Pizzas

At last the election is over… Can’t say I am thrilled with the result…I am not a fan of the current administration.   Not sure I would have been thrilled if the result had gone the opposite way either though.  Politics suck…just my opinion…but I think a lot of people probably share it.  Hard to believe in anyone running for office these days…

It is kind of like going to a pizza restaurant with a very simple menu.

The first choice is a cheese pizza loaded with mushrooms.  The mushroom pizza is cooked in a special oven by one chef.  The problem is that all too often it comes out undercooked.

The second choice is a pepperoni pizza.  This pizza is cooked in a special oven by another chef and the oven is turned up too high.  Mostly this pizza is overcooked.

There are many problems with this:

1)  I am very hungry

2) I hate mushrooms

3) I am also not a big fan of hard, burned pizza, even though I prefer pepperoni a bit more

4) No matter what pizza I choose I won’t be happy because it won’t be wholly representative of my tastes

5) I would go to another restaurant but this is supposedly the best restaurant around

6) The owner of the restaurant has no incentive to offer other choices… He swears there is no demand for them and that it would be too expensive to offer any.  Why should he?  People seem to buy his pizza whether they are happy with it or not.  The money in his pocket doesn’t lie.

7)  The chefs, who should take pride in their work, concentrate less on the quality and more on distracting each other, throwing ingredients, and generally acting poorly.

8) Anything you hear about these pizzas is only partially believable and the propaganda is so pervasive, you are not sure what to believe.

So how in my idealistic, problem solving mind do I fix the restaurant?

One could argue that if the pizza restaurant offered a la carte options where a customer could pick and choose their favorite ingredients, could trust the information about the ingredients, could trust the chefs to prepare the pizza to the best of their culinary ability, and could count on the restaurant to offer the pizza at a fair price….just imagine the customer experience.

The problem is that this would be too far to the other extreme.  People generally get very uncomfortable with too many choices.  It is too hard to decide… The concept sounds great in theory, but put into practice it is too hard to manage.

This is the point where the people who find themselves marching straight down party lines light their hair on fire and start ranting and raving about the fact that this is the reason why there are two strong parties…that this is the way it has always been…and it has worked for centuries.  Perhaps in principle, this is true…perhaps not.  I just know that this country and the world in general seem to be a heck of a lot different now than they were when these party lines were drawn. The parties themselves don’t seem to have adapted too well to today’s world, instead they keep trying to appeal to the wide ends of the spectrum.

Seems to me that the restaurant could stand to put some thought into how it could offer a more compelling menu of better cooked, finely crafted food that showcased the talents of the chefs.  More variety at a lower price, each dish standing on its own merits. You don’t have to like all the menu items…just pick your favorite.

Damn…I’m still hungry…but NOT for pizza.  If I hear another pizza ad I might just be sick.  Maybe a calzone…:)



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Hiatus over – Some thoughts on Expectations

So…it wasn’t an on-purpose hiatus…but I guess sometimes life intrudes and shakes up your mojo a little bit.  There have been about a dozen times in the last few months where I thought ‘Damn… I haven’t written a blog in a long time.  I need to write one.  What should I write about?… I have a few thoughts… Are they compelling?  Am I too tired?’  And another day would pass…

So anyway, as is my tendency for things I care about doing, I thought…No time like the present to dive right back in.  So here goes…

One thing that has spoken to me lately is the concept of Expectations.  We all have them.  We can’t really avoid having them.  We can tell ourselves not to have them…but we do anyway.  The funny thing about expectations is that we have them everyday in just about every situation and having them one of about 3 things can happen:

1)  Our expectations are not met and we are disappointed, shocked, disillusioned, angry, sad…the list of bad feelings goes on.

2)  Our expectations are met.  Something happens that we expected to happen and we don’t give it a second thought, because after all, it met our expectations. We experience these everyday and don’t think too much about them.

or 3) Our expectations are exceeded.  We are pleasantly surprised, overjoyed, thrilled, and we can’t stop talking about our experience.

Don’t we all wish that more of life fell into the last category.  How nice would it be to be surprised and delighted on a daily basis?  to be shocked out of your normal routine by someone or something that ‘makes your day’?  It is pretty cool when it happens.

So what do we do about it?  Do we lower our expectations so that we are pleasantly surprised more often?  Sounds plausible…but pretty sad if you ask me.  Because how long do you go with this philosophy until you start to except poorer treatment…poorer service…bad manners…etc as the norm?  At that point you have outsmarted yourself and decreased your standard of living.

Do we become more analytical?  Crunching the numbers in our heads of the likelihood of certain outcomes…expecting the higher probability result.  This doesn’t sound like much fun either (at least not to the average person).

All to often in today’s society we come across things in our lives that fall short of our expectations.  Whether it is food we order at a restaurant, the service we receive from our cable company, or whether it is the effort that a ‘friend’ makes to contribute to our relationship with them, we are all too familiar with being ‘let down’.

As with most advice, most of us are better at giving it than following our own.  I was talking to my daughter the other day about dealing with expectations she has regarding a friend who had been acting poorly towards her.  My advice to her, which on some level I hope she took to heart, was that the only thing she can control in this life is herself.  That no matter what expectations she has of other people or the world in general, she won’t realistically ever have control of anything other than herself and the way she reacts to the situation.

Sage advice, right…:)  Now if I could only be better at following it myself.  Instead, I find myself far too often as a frustrated idealist, wondering why the world isn’t more like it should be… at least in my head.

Recently I had my world rocked by expectation…. My mother went in for surgery to remove cancer in her lung.  The surgery was successful.  The doctor was overjoyed that they had gotten it all and it hadn’t spread.  She spent the next 18 days in the hospital.  I tried to visit most every day.  Her recovery was very slow and not without complication.  Some days I visited and she was herself…lucid…funny…on the mend.  Other days she was so under the influence of pain medication that she hallucinated.  It was an exhausting roller coaster ride for all of us.  Every day I went to that hospital with expectation and every day it was different than what I expected.  She came home from the hospital after 18 days and I visited her there.  She was comfortable.  She was healing.  She was snuggling in her bed, with her dog, content to be in her place.  The next morning a massive stroke took her from us.  It was devastating and still is…

Why am I telling you this?  Selfishly it is a form of catharsis for me…. Unselfishly it is a plea for all of you to consider the things in life that you take for granted each day…  To hug your loved ones a little tighter.  To make darn sure at least once a day that you exceed someone else’s expectations.  Whether you provide better service at work, or you are a better friend, or you are more polite to the people you come into contact with…it doesn’t matter.  Just remember that the only one you can control is YOU and the mark you leave on the world and those around you is what you will be remembered for…

Is this wisdom?  I don’t know… but take it for what it is worth to you and thanks for reading.







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Re-focus the focus…

This has been an especially rough week for our country.  The tragedy of what happened in Colorado has left the nation stunned.  It has reminded us again that evil exists in the world.  It has once again focused our thoughts and prayers on the families devastated by the loss and injury of their loved ones.  It has proven to us that terrorism is not confined to acts by other people from outside our country, but exists within our borders and can be perpetrated by anyone.   It has jarred us once again from our slumber and brought into clear focus the fact that we can’t take anything or anyone for granted in our lives.   We have been again lulled into a sense that everything is secure, as we go about building relationships with people through our cellphones instead of being aware of those around us and relating to each other.  Many of us are focused where we should be focused…on the families of the tragic victims…on the realization that we need to live in our imperfect world with eyes that are more open…the realization that there are people out there who live in a delusional world where they can even think about committing an act like this one.

The problem is that far too many of us are focused on other things.  The political machines in this country are using this crime against humanity to get on their soapboxes and talk about gun control.  They are blaming the parents.  They are blaming violent films.  Blame…Blame…Blame.  Oh, how we love to point the finger.  Oh how we love to talk about whose fault it all is… It is just a symptom of what I have talked about before in other blog entries…people always want to blame somebody else and never think about how they themselves act.  Many never think about impressing good values on their children and teaching them right from wrong.  Many never think about what they would have done if they were in the situation that the victims faced.  We don’t want to think about it…we just hope it never happens to us.

The fact is, throughout history there have been evil people…misguided people…zealots…sociopaths.  In older times, a family was responsible for protecting itself.  That is why we have a right to bear arms in this country.  Our history dictated that.  Telling a frontiersman that he could not own a weapon to feed his family or protect it from harm and he would have laughed in your face and odds are, he probably would not have lasted very long without it.  Granted, we would like to believe that we have become more civilized through the ages with our ‘advances’ in our laws and in technology.  But somehow, I don’t think that the bad guys got the memo.

I don’t know what the right answer is, I just know that there are a few things that make logical sense to me.

1) A person should have the right to protect himself/herself and protect his/her family.

2) If this involves owning a weapon, so be it.

3) If someone enters my house and tries to hurt me or my family, they should expect to stop living.

4) Criminals or people who are set on doing horrible things are going to do them and  whether weapons are readily available or not…they will find a way to get them,

5) Guns themselves don’t kill people.  You don’t see people blaming the water for drowning someone.

6) We need to be more aware of the people around us and the situations we put ourselves in, get to know our fellow humans, and develop more of a sense of community.

Like I said, I don’t know what the answer is…I do know that I really don’t want to debate gun control with anyone as a result of this blog.  I don’t really like guns that much.  My dad taught Hunter Safety and Marksmanship when I was growing up and I am a pretty good shot, but they don’t do anything for me.  Apparently, becoming more civilized over time has prompted us to invent more effective ways of killing each other.  This is inevitable I suppose.  What doesn’t have to be inevitable is our complacency about it.

Keep your eyes open.  Live your life.  Develop relationships with those around you.  Be part of a community.  Cherish your loved ones.  Spend time with them.  We only have so many trips around the sun as it is.  Know that we are all imperfect people living in an imperfect world and it is what we make of it.  Feel for those who have experienced loss and keep the focus where it needs to be…on taking care of yourself and those around you.  Not pointing fingers and trying to figure out who to blame.  Seems obvious doesn’t it?



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The high price of koolaid these days

So I think I have the whole Crossfit craze figured out… I think that somebody in the fitness game asked themselves…

‘How can I open up a gym with very little overhead…almost no equipment…basically just rented garage space…and get people to pay me big money every month to be a member? 

Who would actually pay for something like that? 

What if I threw in a few sound fitness principles…added a dash of the average person’s craving to ‘belong’…Sprinkled in some camaraderie and peer pressure…Brought it to a boil…What would I have?’  


Now before people’s heads start spinning around, Exorcist-style, let me be clear… Crossfit is hard.  Crossfit is demanding.  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and there are a lot of things that I don’t have the endurance or strength:body weight ratio to pull off.  I am not knocking the physical benefits of successfully doing Crossfit.  Many Crossfit athletes are in amazing condition.   I do have a problem, though, that people who have very little experience doing complex Olympic-style lifts are being asked to do them as part of their Workout Of the Day (WOD).  Many of these people have not been taught the proper technique to do Snatches, Cleans, Deadlifts etc. and doing them incorrectly can cause injury.  I competed in Track and Field for 3 years in college where we had to do lifts like this as part of our daily workout.  As when we were taught to throw Shot, Discus, Javelin, or Hammer, we were taught very specific movements to avoid injury and maximize power.  I don’t see this much care taken in many cases with Crossfit gyms.

I will say it right now, I pay too much for my current gym.  I would like to pay half as much.  The problem is, I live about 500 yards from my gym.  It has a full length basketball court.  Every machine you could want.  Tons of free weights.  Classes for those who want them.  Cardio equipment.  A good kid’s facility and an amazing pool that my daughter likes.  It has showers, towels, lockers, saunas, whirlpools, and steam rooms.  That is why I continue to pay $100 a month.  I have no excuse not to go.  I am self motivated.  I train hard.  It motivates me to go whenever I drive down my street.  I still think it is too much money, but I might just spend the difference in gas if I chose another gym.

This is what gets me about Crossfit.  If I joined a Crossfit gym I would get very little for my money.  I would get a garage-like atmosphere.  Pull up bars.  Olympic barbells.  Medicine Balls.  I would get truck tires to flip over.  No showers.  No towels.  No steam room…. You get my point.  So what am I paying for?  Someone to create a very hard set of exercises, in no way personalized for me, that is tacked up on the wall in the gym?  Someone to provide encouragement?  No…what I get is a bunch of other people who pay a high price for a sense of belonging.  For a sense of ‘we are all in this together’.  For a sense of not letting each other give up.  Meanwhile, the guy who stocks the dispenser full of Crossfit Kool-Aid smiles and counts his money.

Many people argue that they like Crossfit because as a group, they will actually force each other to do the workouts.  This concept has been around for quite awhile.  It is called Workout Partners.   I think many people gravitate to Crossfit because of ‘The Clique’.  If they were really interested in their own fitness they would not need a clique of like minded kool-aid drinkers to take a genuine interest in their own health and fitness and get a workout in once in awhile.  What happens to a lot of people is that pretty soon all they can seem to talk about is their WOD or their Crossfit friends.  They post incessantly about Crossfit on Facebook and Twitter.  They exhibit very cultish behavior.

I have wondered lately what would happen if you created a WOD like this and posted it…


400 yard Run

10 power cleans

20 pull ups

25 burpees

50 kettle bell swings

1 very high cliff jump

Repeat 4X (oops!)


I picture a line of lemmings jumping off a cliff at the end…. But at least they would be together…

If you want me I will be at the gym with my headphones on…getting my stuff done, shooting some hoops, taking a steam, using some free towels…. Oh… and sparing everybody on Facebook what exercises I actually did at the gym, though I am sure it is fantastically interesting 😉

Just my $.02


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So it strikes me that trying to come up with compelling content for a blog can be interesting and at times, difficult… Usually for me it is just based on things that I find profound or hilarious or absurd or infuriating or a theme that seems to reoccur several times in a short period of time.  This entry covers a couple of these, but mostly the latter. 🙂

George Takei (Sulu from the original Star Trek) has a Facebook fan page where he posts content from contributors that are usually  hilarious or at the very least, thought provoking.  Today was one of those days… He posted the following picture from a fan (Joel Robison):  Shadow Picture

I shared the photo on my Facebook page because the concept is one worth noting…and for that matter, sharing.  Not that we all should live in a fantasy world…but that life gets more interesting based on our own perspective.  It is a popular theme but it is one that too often gets ignored or drowned out by our own perception, our boredom, or our tendency as a society to dwell on the negative message.   That is why I rarely watch the news anymore.  It is usually filled with bad/sensational story after story with maybe one ‘feel-good’ piece mixed in just because…

The fact is…We live in a society of people where many have decided that they are entitled to something…that it is much easier to play the victim and not accept responsibility for our own actions much less the consequences that follow. We wait for life to happen to us rather than living it how we want to…we complain that we are stuck….we get bored…we take certain things for granted.

If we think back far enough, we can remember that as children we created our own fun.  It wasn’t really very difficult.  We were able to manage it just fine.  I may be dating myself, but when I was growing up video games were just getting started.  They were a luxury.  Only a few kids had them.  Instead, we spent our time building tree forts and riding bikes and exploring and just spending time with our buddies.  When it got dark outside during the summer, we knew it was time to go home.  I miss that.  As we get older and find ourselves encumbered and sometimes crushed by the weight of our responsibilities, we often forget to have fun.  We think that fun is for kids… or adults on vacation.  We don’t stop to consider that we could make every day more fun or at least less cumbersome by changing our perspective.  By taking pride in what we do instead of viewing it as the reason we set our alarm clocks in the morning.  By considering that whatever we do makes a difference, or at least is should.  By thinking that we need to relate to each other more…

There is a song that Jimmy Buffett recorded (It was actually written by his old friend and bandmate Mac MacAnally in 1970) that is called ‘It’s My Job’.

The song starts out as follows:

In the middle of late last night I was sittin’ on a curb
I didn’t know what about, but I was feelin’ quite disturbed
A street sweeper came whistlin’ by, he was bouncin’ every step
It seemed strange how good he felt, so I asked him while he swept

He said, “It’s my job to be cleaning up this mess
And that’s enough reason to go for me
It’s my job to be better than the rest
And that makes a day for me.”

Some days this is hard to do…some jobs are probably harder to do it with…hard to do it every day.  I guess it is just all about being thankful for what you have and knowing that you have the ability to change it or at the very least change your perspective about it.

Lou Holtz (famous college football coach) once said:

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

So…with that in mind…Who is up for a exploratory trip down to the tree fort or maybe some street hockey?  There is that alarm clock again…  Limitless possibilities await 😉


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Waiting for the superpowers to kick in…sort of

It was a fairly routine night… Put my daughter to bed.  Turn off the light in the turtle tank.  Go to bed myself.  Read for a bit.  Decide I am too sleepy to make any sense of the paragraph I have read three times and not understood.  Set my alarm.  Turn off my light.  Assume some sort of comfortable sleeping position that I will likely find uncomfortable in the coming hours at some point.  Drift off to sleep…

AWAKEN with sharp burning pain in my neck.  Sleepily feel affected area…No bump…No Swelling…Tends to burn more when I push on it… Sleepy brain decides I have enough information to turn light on my cell phone on and survey area for whatever little beastie has seen fit to take a bite out of me… Search in the half light turns up nothing.  Bed seems to be clear of critters, as do pillows.  Hmmmm…. Whatever it was must have decided I was not tasty enough and moved on…. Try to regain sleep posture and control growing Heebie Jeebie response.  This works for approximately 18.6 seconds until said intruder adds insult to injury and scuttles across my forehead!!!  Reflexes take over and survival instincts kick in….body propelled off mattress and offending critter swiped off of face in one smooth motion (very Matrix-worthy, I might add).  Light switched on to reveal angry scorpion (about 4 inches long) sitting on the bed in the warm place I had just inhabited.  Mystery solved.  Hamster on wheel in skull becomes frantic and picks up the pace…Images flash across semi-conscious mind….(I will try to do the stream of consciousness justice…so please bear with me, I was still pretty groggy with an adrenaline rush added to the mix)

‘Creepy…Are there any more on me?… What is the best way to kill it?…Do I hit it with something?…No, bed is too spongy…Can I catch it?…Probably…With what?…Cup?…San Antonio has a soccer team called the Scorpions…Soccer sucks…bunch of actors…Image of scorpion crawling across the face of a Fear Factor contestant…I can now relate…Jeff Probst on Survivor offering a fishing spear to the first person to eat a scorpion…Do I eat it?  Nah!…Creepy…Damn, the little guy looks angry and ready for battle!…I hope he is radioactive…he doesn’t look radioactive…Besides, what kind of cool superpowers would you get from a radioactive scorpion?…I don’t want a tail, pincers or a stinger…Glad this isn’t one of the Clash of the Titans variety of scorpion…How do I kill the thing without waking up my daughter in the next room?…Cup….(Dash in the kitchen to get a cup and trap the scorpion underneath)…There!…Can he get out of there?…How do I kill him?…Flush!…How do I get him to the toilet without giving him another opportunity to smite me viciously (not sure where the medieval vernacular came from to be honest ;))…Take the bottom sheet off…Good, that will work…Creepy…SPLASH!  Take that you little bugger!…FLUSH!…FLUSH AGAIN!…Must change sheets…Creepy!’

So, while the scorpion was deciding whether it could swim or not in a pipe somewhere, I proceeded to change my bed linens, calm down, put Neosporin on the sting area, research scorpions on my phone and generally try to settle back in for the night.  Ironically, I had been trying to think up a blog topic of late.  I had had a few ideas but nothing too compelling, profound, or hilarious.  Ironically part deux…I had a message on my phone from earlier in the evening from a friend who was admonishing me for not blogging in awhile…Hmmm….If I were a conspiracy theorist…

Anyway, most of you will read this and be creeped out…I was.

Sadly, many of you will read this and have a comparable story.  This seems to be part of life in the great state of Texas….along with ridiculously hot summers, bad drivers, proper conjugation of the possessive pronoun ‘y’all’, nice people, tubing and good bbq.

It’s funny how your mind works, both conscious and unconscious…  and the fuzzy area in between… The good news is that I seem to have survived the experience without much trouble.  I managed not to wake up my sleeping daughter.  I sent one lucky scorpion on an all expenses paid voyage to Davy Jones’ locker or the septic tank (whichever comes first).  And I have not developed any sort of lame super power, embarrassing tail, and will not have to wear tights…  The bad news is that I will probably regard my bed and my room with scrutiny until the ‘coast is clear’ on a nightly basis for quite some time.

On the bright side…If anyone asks me if I have ever encountered or been stung by a scorpion, I can speak authoritatively on the subject.  Sweet dreams everybody… 😉

****** Addendum

My friend Neil offered a humorous take on this post, saying that this is not the way that the superpowers would work.  His fear is that somewhere in the sewer system below San Antonio now lurks a huge, muscular, polynesian-tattooed scorpion plotting its next move… I had to admit that I laughed out loud at that one.  🙂

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The sorry state of mail…of all kinds

I have heard reports lately about the impending demise of the US Postal Service.  Seems they plan to close 250 postal centers across the country over the next few years.  This was inevitable, I suppose…but it still bums me out a little bit.  I stop to wonder how many kids there are out there who have never received a letter in the mail…who have never had a pen pal from another country…who have never extracted their dog’s teeth from the mail carrier’s rear end…who wonder why their parents still insist on checking that box on the street when all they seem to do is immediately throw away the contents or grimace when they realize that they received another bill.  I covered this topic a bit in a previous blog, so to all you intrepid blog readers who have read that entry, I apologize in advance for any repetition.  What prompts me to bring it up again, I guess, is that while we have innovated, while we have made things faster, while we have made things more reliable… we have also propagated old problems to a new medium and we have created a new host of problems for ourselves.

Consider the problems we used to have with mail.  It was slow.  It was sometimes unreliable.  It required us to buy stamps.  Weather affected it.  It required us to actually write things down.  It wasted paper.  These are pretty much solved now for the most part with our switch to electronic mail (email).

What we haven’t really solved is the junk mail problem… As much as I hate the fact that I throw away most of what clogs my mail box that I still make the effort to check everyday, I find it ironic that I get 10x the spam on a daily basis in my assorted email accounts that I ever got via my postal carrier.  As we have sped up the process, we have sped up the ability for spammers to annoy us.  Granted, there are ‘protections’ in place to try to counteract this activity…anti-spam is big business…but just as you might throw away physical mail that gets lost in a pile of junk mail, your spam filter might filter out things that you want.

The problems that email has introduced center mostly around promoting bad habits and laziness.  For example: Built-in spell checkers, when people bother to use them, do a decent job of alerting the user to spelling mistakes.  The problem is that over time, people, (especially young people) have forgotten how to spell or are just too lazy to do it correctly.  When we used to write letters, without the aid of a spell checker, we were very conscious of spelling things correctly.  We were also more worried about how we would be perceived if we wrote a letter rife with spelling errors.  Now even business emails are full of spelling or grammar mistakes.  For me, it is all about people not slowing down long enough to craft something that is clear and delivers the appropriate message.  In this world of instant gratification, most people can’t be bothered.  A good example of this is the growing practice of putting a tagline at the end of an email constructed on a smart phone.  People post an apology for spelling or grammar mistakes, using the excuse that they shouldn’t be held responsible because they are writing the email from a phone with a touchy keypad or over eager auto correct features.  To me, this tells me that the person doesn’t really care that they might be sending something that reflects poorly on their attention to detail.  Just my $.02…

One thing that email allows us to do is to correspond with groups of people at one time.  This is a powerful feature…but as they say…power corrupts.  My biggest pet peeve about this is not the discussion generated by a long email thread, but the inability of most people to use the ‘Reply’ feature instead of the ‘Reply to All’ feature.  Many people send group emails to announce something…for example: someone getting promoted.  In the past an  appropriate response might have been to send a handwritten note or perhaps stop them in the hallway to offer congratulations.  Today, in my opinion, the appropriate response would be to send a congratulatory email to that person directly.  Most people however feel the need to Reply to All, causing everyone on the list to receive an additional email each time.  What starts as happiness for the person who was promoted soon turns to irritation and frustration as the spam starts rolling into the inbox.  We have to deal with enough spam from spammers, it is annoying when we have to deal with it from people who should know better.

Another problem with email and the instant gratification it fosters revolves around reacting to a situation, composing an angry email, and firing it off into the ether, often regretting it later or worrying about the tone it might convey.  I read an article once that said that any email that deals with feelings or something at all controversial should be drafted and set aside for an hour or so and then edited before sending so that the author can be in a better or more objective state of mind and make sure their message is conveyed clearly and without unwanted context or emotion.  I think that this is really sound advice and try to do this whenever possible.  In the past, this was easier to deal with… Remember the old television show plot where someone would mail a letter and then spend the rest of the episode trying to get the letter back out of the mailbox or intercepting it prior to delivery because they shouldn’t have sent it in the first place?  With email, there is no re-calling a mail once sent… Though, maybe…if you got lucky…any objectionable content would be unrecognizable because you spelled it wrong, or your auto correct changed it, or you just can’t seem to type correctly on the tiny touch pad on your smartphone.  At least you have that disclaimer to fall back on…’so you’ve got that going for you…which is nice…’

Rant over… Return to your regularly scheduled programming 😉



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